How to Treat a Pinched Nerve in Shoulder

A pinched nerve in shoulder may be the reason for your pain in your shoulder, arm or tingling sensation or the weakness you feel in your extremities. In most of the cases this causes pain on other areas but not in your neck and hence it is very difficult to diagnose without medical investigations. You are said to have a pinched nerve in your neck when one of the nerves that go to your arms or legs get unduly compressed by a bone, or a disc on your spinal cord or a displaced muscle structure. There are many reasons for the same including damage to a disc, a tear on a muscle, an inflammation or injury. This may also be caused due to arthritis or disease.

When you have a pinched nerve in your neck area you will be having some symptoms like pain, numbing feeling, weakness in your extremities of your body or a tingling sensation in the affected area. You must understand that the bundle of nerves that come from your brain come through the vertebra and go on to the shoulders and then to the arms and reach the hands. When there is a pressure on the root of any nerve you will experience weakness, pain and tingling sensation in your hands and arms. To get permanent relief from this pain you have to find the pinched nerve in shoulder and remove it.

Release Pain in Your Pinched Nerve in Shoulder

The right way of treating a pinched nerve in your neck region is to get treated through a chiropractor and the chiropractic adjustments are the right way of making the necessary adjustments to release the pressure on the nerve. They can easily realign the vertebra, replace the muscles that are bulging and around damaged discs, to reduce pain caused by degeneration in the spinal cord. Maintaining the right posture is very important in getting relief from pain due to a pinched nerve in shoulder. There are certain workouts that can be done to get relief from the pain and suffering due to this but these must be selected under the advice of a trained health care professional.

pinched nerve in shoulder

Workouts that involve in stretching, yoga or physical therapy is usually prescribed as the ways of pain relief and when you do them in a proper way the pain will disappear easily. These are the right ways to improve your posture and loosen or relax your muscles that have become tightened and these will be very effective in getting the right type of cure for the pinched nerve in your neck region. If the pain is excruciating and you need help in managing pain you can use pain killers, anti- inflammatory drugs, acupuncture or laser therapy. If all these fail then a surgical procedure to set things right is the last resort to set right the pinched nerve in shoulder.


A chiropractic treatment is the best way of treating the condition and usually it will be based on the physical examination of the lower neck and spine area and you may be asked to get X-rays or Scan images of your head and spinal area for the exact diagnosis of your pinched nerve. Once the area of trouble is identified it is easy to find the source of pressure and find the right way to ease it so that you are able to get permanent relief from pinched nerve in shoulder.

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